Just a few things that keep me from running wild in the streets. Vintage synthesizers (both analog and digital), crafts, art, music, and shows. Along with the occasional odd bit of computer geekery from my daytime job as a computer consultant.  Just watch out for the cat hair.

  1. Hi I’ve been reading your blog, it’s really great and helped me understand vintage keyboards. I was wondering if you could help me identify a casio keyboard, pictures here:

    My secret weapon … Use one of these… Guaranteed instant hits

    A post shared by Steve Lindsey (@mrstevelindsey) on

    @mynameiscassius @tre working out the bridge in the paramount parking lot

    A post shared by Steve Lindsey (@mrstevelindsey) on

    I can’t seem to find out what model it is. It has super drums, and I think super drums were only offered between 1985-1987. This model doesn’t seem to be any of the famous super drum keyboards the MT52, MT500, MT520/CT-510

    If you have any idea please email me. Thanks.

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