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A Voice from the Wilderness

Just a quick word on this blog, as I personally hate it when sites I like become inactive.

As may be obvious, this has not been updated in quite a while and I do not see that I will have time to do any sort of posting in the foreseeable future.  The interest is there, just not the time – I’m currently running a (non-music-related) small business and have a full-time day job.

I’ll keep the site active, as I still get occasional feedback that people have found it useful. I will also still respond to comments & questions.



Synth Price List – April 2012

Still busy as heck. I have a bunch of posts lined up, but reality intrudes. This, however, I can do in my sporadic bits of free time.

List continues to grow, and the format’s been tweaked again. There is a new column called Range. This is based on the average year-to-date, but also factors in the volume of sales and the high and low prices for that particular item. So basically, it shows a realistic idea of what you can expect to pay for a particular piece of equipment.  A wide range indicates either a low sales volume or a large discrepancy between high and low prices – sometimes, both. I think it’s marginally more useful than just an average price.

Also, a given item has to have at least three recorded sales to be added to the list, so there’s been some adjustments in what’s on the final list.

The only additional item I’d like to add at some point is an indication of how common or uncommon something is. I have the formula worked out, but need the time to add it.  It’ll happen…eventually.

For now, enjoy.

Synth Prices – Apr 2012