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Synth Price List – June 2012

No major structural changes. More models and a few new vendors added.

As always, the “Range” column represents the year-to-date average taking into account the availability of that particular hardware along with the difference between the high and low prices. A wide range indicates either low sales volume or large gap between the high and low (or both).

Synth Prices – June 2012


Synth Price List – May 2012

Format is the same, for a change. Added a couple of new manufacturers and a bunch of new models. I have several manufacturers with just one or two models; I may add them primarily to use as filler to make the pages come out even.

As explained in a previous post, the Range column represents a range of prices based on the high and low to date, but also takes into account the volume of sales. If the range is really narrow, either the item is very popular or the prices are always pretty close. Wide ranges indicate either a big disparity between high and low or a small volume.

In either case, it’s reasonable to assume that if you want to purchase something, seeing a price somewhere close to that range is a good thing.

Synth Prices – May 2012

Synth Price List – March 2012

Commentary to come later, but for the moment here’s the list. As usual, it’s grown a little.

Synth Prices – March 2012

The Obligatory Cat & Synth Post

Cuz, you know, cats & synths go together. Even if cat hair & synths don’t.  Jellybean is guarding a lot of broken equipment I unloaded a while ago. Left to right – Korg DW-8000 (dead); Casio CT-310 (broken power jack, bad keys); Ensoniq Mirage DSK (no floppy, intermittent power problem); Kawai K3 (missing keys; no power). With the exception of the DW-8000 they were probably all repairable, but they weren’t worth my time.

The Korg was one of my very few unsatisfactory Ebay transactions. It was listed as “untested but working when it went into storage”. As-is, of course. When I received it,  it wouldn’t power up. My hopes for an easy fix went out the window when I opened it. It had clearly been stored in a really damp area for a really long time.  Like, say, the bottom of a pond – the case was a solid mass of rust. Contacted the seller, who denied that it was improperly stored and wouldn’t consider adjusting the price. Ah well; live and learn.

Listed the lot on craiglist as non-functioning, and still ended up getting a decent price – lots of optimists out there.