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Synth Price List – June 2012

No major structural changes. More models and a few new vendors added.

As always, the “Range” column represents the year-to-date average taking into account the availability of that particular hardware along with the difference between the high and low prices. A wide range indicates either low sales volume or large gap between the high and low (or both).

Synth Prices – June 2012


Synth Price List – May 2012

Format is the same, for a change. Added a couple of new manufacturers and a bunch of new models. I have several manufacturers with just one or two models; I may add them primarily to use as filler to make the pages come out even.

As explained in a previous post, the Range column represents a range of prices based on the high and low to date, but also takes into account the volume of sales. If the range is really narrow, either the item is very popular or the prices are always pretty close. Wide ranges indicate either a big disparity between high and low or a small volume.

In either case, it’s reasonable to assume that if you want to purchase something, seeing a price somewhere close to that range is a good thing.

Synth Prices – May 2012

Synth Price List – March 2012

Commentary to come later, but for the moment here’s the list. As usual, it’s grown a little.

Synth Prices – March 2012

Synth Price List – February 2012

As indicated – the full list. Since the list has grown quite a bit, I may just post this from here on out, instead of dedicated posts for each section.

Synth Prices – February 2012

Synth Prices February 2012 – Moog, ARP, & SCI

The price displayed is the average selling price for that particular model for the month of February. The percentage is the difference between the current and year-to-date average, which is an indicator of the direction the price is going. As per the last column, that direction is either “-” for down, “+” for up, and “0” for staying (relatively) the same.

Model Price Chng Dir
MemoryMoog $3,875.00 0% 0
MG-1 $515.10 5% +
MicroMoog $668.05 -5%
MiniMoog $3,581.67 2% +
MultiMoog $661.00 -21%
Opus 3 $860.00 40% +
Prodigy $835.30 7% +
Rogue $875.00 34% +
Sonic 6 $2,199.00 0% 0
Source  $            – NA
2600 $5,100.00 0% 0
Avatar $1,528.00 0% 0
AXXE $857.00 0% 0
Odyssey $2,228.80 14% +
Quartet $485.33 0% 0
Solus $1,087.50 0% 0
Sequential Circuits
Drumtraks  $422.50 2% +
MAX  $            – NA
Prophet 5  $3,679.67 2% +
Prophet 600  $841.25 -9%
Prophet VS  $1,560.99 -20%
Six Trak  $496.67 -9%
Split 8  $405.00 0% 0
T8  $3,500.00 0% 0
TOM  $150.00 -37%

All of the “classic” synths have much lower sales volume, so the direction and percentages may not be as accurate. There were no sales of the Moog Source and the SCI MAX during February.

The Prophet 600 and SixTrak are still pretty good deals, if you have to have a piece of genuine vintage kit. The MicroMoog, surprisingly, is also quite reasonable. I’d take it over the MG-1 if only for the pitch ribbon.

Synth Prices 1/20/12

Couple of days late on this one. Bi-weekly price update. N/S indicates there were no recorded sales during the time period. Percentage column shows the or decrease from the last period. The larger values here may not be reflective of actual trends, since there may have been only one sale in the period.

I’ve actually begun to track many more models, and can see average pricing over a longer period of time. If nothing else, it gives a good sense for whether or not something on Ebay or craigslist is fairly priced, or whether the seller is under the influence of pharmaceuticals.

Averages based on Ebay sales data from 1/2/2012 to 1/15/2012.

SH-101 $742.06 -1%
Juno 60 $933.09 16%
Jupiter 6 $2,110.50 -5%
JP-8000     $527.50 -3%
Juno 106 $582.42 9%
SC-55 $81.00 27%
Alpha Juno 1 N/S
D-50 $335.71 -20%

The SH-101 continues to astonish me. It’ll be interesting to see if the release of the Moog Minitaur and the Arturia MiniBrute have any effect on mono synth prices.

Polysix $385.00 -49%
M1 $461.39 -10%
Poly 800 $260.00 0%
Microkorg $237.78 -7%
X50 $406.50 5%
MS-2000 $503.17 -7%

The Polysix only had one sale; whoever it was got a good deal.  Although it’s still too early to be sure, the Poly 800 appears to be stable – another head-scratcher.

DX-7 $276.11 4%
MM6 $338.09 -5%
CS1X $235.63 89%
FB-01 $71.00 37%

The AN1X may not have been a good choice for this list. I like it, but the sales volume has been really low.

Minimoog $2,972.50 6%
MG-1 $566.33
Prodigy N/S
Rogue $517.50 -20%

Need to rethink this list, too. The MicroMoog has more sales than the Prodigy.

CZ-101 $144.08 -10%
MT-500 N/S
RZ-1 $107.38 6%
SK-1 $41.59 -8%
VL-1 $32.05 -52%

The VL-1 appears to have corrected; the average price for the past few months has been around $44.

This seemed like a good idea at the time, but I’ve found the 2-week interval is too short for some of the lower-volume keyboards. Instead of this, I may change to doing it monthly but with an expanded list of models. Again, if you have any suggestions let me know.

Synth Prices 1/3/12

Bi-weekly price update. N/S indicates there were no recorded sales during the time period. A couple of other units were suggested, which I added. Also added a column to show the percentage increase or decrease from the last period.

Averages based on data from 12/19/2011 to 1/1/2012. Overall volume was lower due to the holidays.

SH-101 $753.33 -7%
Juno 60 $804.33 -20%
Jupiter 6 $2,217.00 17%
JP-8000 N/S
Juno 106 $536.13 -18%
SC-55 $63.92 -35%
Alpha Juno 1 $219.83 6%
D-50 $421.84

Added the D-50. The Sound Canvas makes me kinda sad…I still love that pupster & use mine all the time.

Polysix $760.00 14%
M1 $513.24 23%
Poly 800 $260.33 73%
Microkorg $254.71 3%
X50 $386.71 -6%
MS-2000 $542.50 19%

Microkorg and X50 seem pretty stable. I’m still a little surprised by the Poly 800; I almost wish I’d kept the ones I’ve fixed over the years.

DX-7 $251.81 -12%
MM6 $355.72 4%
AN1X $478.67 15%
CS1X $125.00 -37%
FB-01 $52.00 37%

Although the price listed is based on just one sale, and isn’t therefore really statistically  relevant, the CS1X is still somewhat underrated. It’s a bargain.

Minimoog $2,800.00 -46%
MG-1 N/S
Prodigy $780.00 11%
Rogue $649.66

Added the Rogue. I’d include more Moog models, but the sales volume is so low that I don’t know if the numbers would mean anything. It also just occurred to me that the MG-1, Prodigy, and Rogue are all basically the same synth.

CZ-101 $160.67 -20%
MT-500 $47.77 -18%
RZ-1 $101.25 107%
SK-1 $45.28 -9%
VL-1 $66.25 68%

Another one I don’t get…what’s the appeal of the VL-1? It’s of historic interest, certainly, and cute, but at that price? If I found one at a yard sale for $10, yeah, but otherwise I’m happy to stick with the VL-1 VST.

Synth Prices 12/20/11

This is a list of the hardware prices I monitor, mostly on Ebay. Craigslist isn’t all that great a source for info as the listings show asking prices, not what things actually sell for.

I do not include broken or as-is items. I disregard included accessories and shipping costs. I do not include most modified instruments – an MG-1 with a MIDI interface would not be included, nor would a DX-7 with the E! Grey Matter upgrade. I do include the Europa version of the Jupiter 6, though.

There aren’t a lot of newer or high-end instruments for a couple of reasons. First, the plethora of model variations makes establishing a baseline nearly impossible. For example, how many Triton/Fantom/Motif variants exist? And second, I’m just not that interested in newer equipment.

Averages based on data from 12/5/2011 to 12/18/2011

SH-101 $813.83
Juno 60 $1,007.69
Jupiter 6 $1,887.50
JP-8000 $543.17
Juno 106 $655.4
SC-55 $98.87
Alpha JU-1 $207.50

I’ve owned or own several of these. The SH-101, Juno-60, and Jupiter 6 I’d consider “classics”, even if I can’t really understand the high prices currently commanded by the first two.

Polysix $664.75
M1 $417.42
Poly 800 $150.68
Microkorg $247.45
X50 $410.67
MS-2000 $454.27

The Microkorg and X50 both still available from dealers at full retail price, but there is a strong secondary market. The Poly-800 has been steadily increasing in price; a couple of years ago they could be had for around $100.

DX-7 $287.63
MM6 $340.72
AN1X $415.80
CS1X $197.55
FB-01 $37.92

The MM-6 is also a current product. The FB-01 is old, limited, noisy, and uninspiring, but it’s still a good source for decent FM sounds on the cheap.

Minimoog $5,173.00
MG-1 $446.30
Prodigy $701.19

The Mini price is, I think, a bit higher than it normally would be due to a low volume of sales.

MT-500 $58.33
CZ-101 $201.64
VL-1 $39.45
SK-1 $49.64
RZ-1 $49.00

Here’s another one where I can  spot a couple of trends. The CZ-101 is down quite a bit, while both the VL-1 and SK-1 are up.

It’s my intent to update these every couple of weeks, and I’m open to suggestions as to other equipment to include. Within limits, of course…I don’t really want to become the official Blue Book of keyboard values!